The goal of Magical Mindfulness 2 is to help increase your levels of peace, wellbeing, and happiness. Our 20+ experts, guides, and teachers will show you the many different avenues you can use to achieve mindfulness, and that in turn will help you discover joy and tranquility from within, no matter what is going on in the world outside.

A Powerful Lineup of Inspiring Guests

Allyson Bright

Creativity and Happiness Expert

Kristi Nelson

Gratitude Guide

Andrea Gomoll


Jeffrey Chand

Qi Gong Expert

Elizabeth Foley

Creativity Guide

Meg Muldoon

Artist and Writer

Cynthia Hauk

Mindful Art Guide

Vania Phitidis

Mindful Eating Expert

Karen Campbell


Christa Forrest


Sage Adderley-Knox

Mindful Writing Guide

Keren Tamir


Dr. Saamdu Chetri

Happiness Guide

Lucy Brydon


Dagmar Bauer Prigatano

Self-Care Expert

Jessica Sanders


Carla King

Travel Writer

Suzi Banks Baum

Creativity Guide

Michele Mattix

Meditation Expert

Jenny Ynnej


Magical Mindfulness Host

and Gratitude Guide

Jools Sinclair

Praise for the first Magical Mindfulness Retreat

"Jools, I just want to say thank you and how grateful I am for you having created this Magical Mindful Retreat. ...I look forward to each day opening your email to find a new inspiring conversation with you and the amazing teachers with a variety of approaches to mindfulness that are fun and creative."





“This is a wonderful gift! Thank you.”




"Thank you Jools, you have done a fantastic thing here... I have carved morning time for myself for a long time, but this online retreat is a new evolution for me, and I love, love love my mornings with a candle lit, hot beverage in my hands, sitting on a pillow with a blanket and then learning something new each morning."


“I don’t recall having this much fun in a workshop. Thanks to all of you.”



“I think you have done a great job putting all this together! I love applying art to my mindful journaling! This is just what I was looking for!”



“The presenters are awesome! I love the fact that there is so much variety presented here. Incorporating mindfulness with creativity is just wonderful.”