Personal Expression

through Mixed Media

with Iris Fritschi-Cussens

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Materials List:

  • acrylic or craft paint

  • pencils

  • other writing implements (crayons, paint pens, charcoal)

  • watercolors

  • acrylic ink

  • key card or palette knife

  • brayer

NoteIris says the supply list is flexible because the art she's going to guide you to create will be based on working intuitively. She's a big fan of using what you have and grabbing the supplies that speak to you (even if they’re not mentioned here).

Journal Prompts:

If you’re keeping a Magical Mindfulness journal, here’s a question for Day 5:

  1. What were some of your favorite things about today’s session with Iris?

About Iris Fritschi-Cussens

In her own words...

I’m Iris, a London-based mixed media artist. I live in the heart of Bloomsbury with my beautiful family (husband, 2 kids & 1 cat). My passion is art journaling for self-expression and self-discovery. My art practice is an extension of my wish to get to know myself better and through it find a deeper connection to others.


I like to share online about how I live my creative life. I love using art and words to convey and understand my feelings as a human. In this I deliberately include the experience of difficult or "taboo" emotions and times when being creative is a struggle.


Through sharing authentically (and walking the talk, so to speak) I hope to inspire my students to look further and go deeper with their art, so they can follow their inner creativity and get closer to their true selves.


I’m currently obsessed with: my junk journal, painting BIG, cadmium red deep acrylic paint by Ara, Stabilo Woody pencils, brayers, Liquitex acrylic ink, and my red Prismacolor pencil.


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