Day 5 

Mindfulness Qigong


Jeffrey Chand

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  • Your journal

  • Beverage of choice

  • Candle(s)

  • A space in which to move

Journal Prompts (If you're keeping a Magical Mindfulness journal)

  • What was your takeaway from Jeff’s session?

  • Did you do the Qigong exercise? How did it feel and what were your thoughts?

About Jeffrey Chand

Jeffrey Chand is an acupuncturist, practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine, and Qigong instructor who has a clinical practice on the west coast of Canada. He blends traditional Qigong practices, mindfulness, meditation, and modern integrative medicine into his approach to Qigong.


Jeff is passionate about sharing Qigong, and believes everyone can benefit from daily, short practices that easily fit into a busy lifestyle. He teaches that having a practice will help people increase energy, reduce aches and pains, reduce stress and anxiety, and simply feel good!


Jeff has reached thousands of people throughout the world through his Qigong videos on Youtube, as well as on his membership website which he calls the "Communi Qi." Come join if you are interested in learning more and practicing Qigong to help you feel calm, grounded, and present!


You can find Jeffrey on Youtube as well!

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