Breathwork Meditation

with Jenna Reiss

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WARNINGDo not participate in this meditation while driving or using heavy machinery.

Materials List:

  • A quiet place to lie down

  • A blanket

Journal Prompts:

If you’re keeping a Magical Mindfulness journal, here are some activities for Day 10:​


  1. What were some of your takeaways from our session today? 

  2. How did you feel after you did Jenna’s Breathwork Meditation?

About Jenna Reiss


Jenna Reiss, healer, writer and Breathwork coach, believes in the personal power of oneself and works with each client to help them re-discover their self-love and higher-truth. With an individualistic and holistic approach, she pulls from a toolbox of intuitive thinking, therapeutic conversation, essential oils, crystal healing, and musical sounds to guide students deep into a higher state of consciousness.

A natural born connector, she is a human development writer regularly contributing to online publications, most recently Thought Catalog and Liminas Magazine.


Jenna has created a special FREE GIFT for participants of Magical Mindfulness! Go HERE to pick up her FREE meditation! (It’s right there on her homepage.)

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