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The Art of Gratitude

with Jools Sinclair

Materials List:

  • Magical Mindfulness journal

  • Pen
  • Charcoal or pastels

  • Thick paper

Journal Prompts:

If you’re keeping a Magical Mindfulness journal, here's a question for Day 21:

  1. What were your takeaways from Jools' session?

About Jools Sinclair

Jools Sinclair is a bestselling author, teacher, speaker, and the creator of See the Beauty. In her spare time, she writes fiction, is an art docent at the Tucson Museum of Art, cooks, travels, swims laps, grows tomatoes, and has a fierce passion for Caravaggio.

Jools lives in the Sonoran Desert with her beautiful family.

Where to Find Jools Sinclair



Special Thanks!

  • Thank you to Kevin MacLeod for the Magical Mindfulness theme

  • Thank you to the amazing photographers at for the photos in the opening credits montage and especially to Tim Foster for the "Sunrise Pose" cover shot

  • And a special thanks to Tech Guy for helping to make this dream a reality 

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