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May 31: Opening Session


Jools Sinclair & Dr. Saamdu Chetri

Choosing Happiness

Jools kicks things off and Dr. Saamdu Chetri hits all the right notes!

Allyson Bright Headshot.jpg

June 1


Allyson Bright

Determined to Shine


Allyson discusses how to stay happy in challenging time and then takes us through a mindful art lesson.

Kristi Nelson Headshot.jpg

June 2

Kristi Nelson

Gratefulness Changes Everything

Join Kristi as she discusses the powerful benefits of a gratefulness practice and leads us in a short meditation.

Andrea Gomoll Headshot.jpg

June 3


Andrea Gomoll

Watercolor Soulscapes


Join artist Andrea as she talks about how mindfulness plays a role in art-making and then leads in an art activity.

Jeffrey Chand Headshot.jpg

June 4


Jeffrey Chand

Mindfulness Qi Gong


Qi Gong expert Jeffrey talks about how having a practice can help us with stress while boosting energy and vitality. He takes us on a beautiful Qi Gong field trip to Vancouver Island.

Cynthia Hauk Headshot.jpeg

June 5

Cynthia Hauk

The Power

of Mindful Creativity

Mindful artist Cynthia discusses how mindful art can help us find peace and joy, and she then leads us in a powerful exercise.

Elizabeth Foley Headshot.png

June 6


Elizabeth Foley

Using Art to Shatter Limiting Beliefs

Elizabeth discusses the importance of eliminating beliefs that hold us back and then leads in a powerful activity.

Karen Campbell Headshot.jpg

June 7


Karen Campbell

Finding Our Happy Place

Join Karen in this discussion on how mindfulness plays a role in the creation of art. She will then show how to "go to our happy place" by drawing a face.

Meg Muldoon Headshot.jpg

June 8

Meg Muldoon

Mindful Heart Ornaments

Join Meg in this heart-felt session as she teaches us how to create ornaments for our loved ones.

Vania Phitidis Headshot.jpg

June 8


Vania Phitidis

The Magic

of Mindful Eating

Peaceful eating expert Vania discusses the complexity of food, why diets don't work, and the benefits of eating mindfully.

Christa Forrest Headshot.jpg

June 9


Christa Forrest

Mindful Mixed Media


Join artist Christa as she talks about the importance of mindfulness in her own art and then leads us through a mixed media lesson.

Carla King Headshot.png

June 9

Carla King

Mindful Travel

Join motorcyclist, adventurer, and travel writer Carla as she discussed how traveling often results in a mindfulness pratice.

Jenny Ynnej.jpg

June 10


Jenny Ynnej

The Art of Mindfulness

Jenny talks about mindfulness, happiness, and gratitude and the importance of acknowledging our authentic feelings. She then leads us in an activity to help shift our emotions through art.

Michele Mattix.JPG

June 10


Michele Mattix

The Power of Meditation

Join Michele in beautiful Sedona, Arizona, as she talks about the value of meditation. She then takes us outside for a session.

Sage Adderley-Knox Headshot.jpg

June 11

Sage Adderley-Knox

Writing and Mindfulness

Sage talks about the relationship between mindfulness and writing. And then teaches us the three steps that will help turn dreams into reality.

Keren Tamir Headshot.jpeg

June 11


Keren Tamir

Mixed Media Mindfulness

Keren explores the connection between art and mindfulness. She then leads us in an art journaling activity that puts our emotions on the page.

Lucy Brydon Headshot.JPG

June 12


Lucy Brydon

The Magic of Watercolors

Lucy talks about mindfulness and how the forests of Scotland inspire her art. She then shows how to paint a beautiful wreath.

Dagmar Bauer-Prigatano Headshot.jpg

June 12

Dagmar Bauer-Prigatano

The Importance

of Self-Care

Acupuncturist Dagmar discusses the role a self-care practice plays in challenging times. She then guides us in a short meditation.

Jessica Sanders Headshot.jpg

June 13


Jessica Sanders

Watercoloring Nature

Join Jessica as she discusses mindfulness and art, and then teaches how to watercolor birch trees.

Suzi Banks Baum Headshot.jpg

June 13


Suzi Banks Baum

The Path of Creativity


Suzi discusses mindfulness and creativity and shows us how to create fun, simple snake books.

Jools Sinclair Headshot.JPG

June 14

Jools Sinclair

See the Beauty

Jools shows you how to start your own mindful gratitude practice.

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