Day 9


Mindful Heart Ornaments


Meg Muldoon


The Magic

of Mindful Eating


Vania Phitidis

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  • Your journal

  • Beverage of choice

  • Candle(s)

Meg's Activity

  • Paper (any kind ⁠— watercolor, craft, design)

  • Ribbon or thread

  • Pen/pencil  

  • Scissors

  • Thread for sewing (optional)

  • A needle (optional)

  • Glue stick (optional)

  • Paint for embellishing: watercolors, acrylics, glitter (also optional)

  • Paintbrush

Vania's Activity

  • Four bite-size pieces of the same snack (like cheese, crackers, apple slices, a cookie)

Journal Prompts (If you're keeping a Magical Mindfulness journal)

  • What was your takeaway from today's sessions?

  • Who did you make a heart for?

  • If you did the eating exercise, write a paragraph about some of your thoughts.

About Meg Muldoon

Meg Muldoon is an artist, creativity guide, and author of the bestselling Christmas River Cozy Mysteries. A former small town newspaper reporter, Meg has always had a special place in her heart for lost dogs, homeless cats, and feisty old locals. She is a lifelong believer in the power of creativity to uplift. Meg is also the owner of the Tucson Ornament Company and has a shop on Etsy. She loves sharing her cozy take on art and writing with others. Meg lives in Arizona with two silly Great Pyrenees.

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About Vania Phitidis

Vania Phitidis is an intuitive eating counselor and a mindful eating teacher who has been coaching and mentoring people for more than 25 years. Vania is on a mission to free women from the grip of the insidious belief that you must be thin to be valued, powerful, in a relationship, successful, loved, and healthy. She wants the world to be a place where beauty is irrelevant — and instead people are owning their power, taking up space unapologetically, and making the contribution only they can make.  


She's based in the Sussex countryside in the UK (Winnie the Pooh's Hundred Acre Wood is within walking distance) and works with people around the world. 

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