Getting Ready for Magical Mindfulness

Personalizing Your Journal Suggested Materials List: 


  • a new journal (lined or unlined);

  • glue sticks or regular glue;

  • choice of the following… pens, markers, watercolor pencils, watercolors, paint, yarn, glitter;

  • (Optional) a candle to light that will mark the beginning of our journey, a big cozy mug of your favorite tea or coffee.

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JOOLS SINCLAIR is an Amazon bestselling author, a life-long educator, and an ambassador of gratitude. She holds a bachelor’s degree from UCLA and a masters in education from Pacific University. She has taught students the profound importance of finding their creative fire

for more than 20 years.

Jools lives in the beautiful wild desert of Tucson, Arizona, where she offers courses and retreats in creative gratitude.

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